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Unfold the Future

In my master's project, I have worked curiously to identify today's problems in the textile and fashion industry. This has been done through mapping with a historical perspective on workflows, the inclusion of IT systems, and technological development, all of which help to make visible the underlying systems that help maintain unsustainable overconsumption of clothing.


I am passionate about contributing to a sustainable future, where we to a greater extent find new ways to include craftsmanship and 3D technology in the work with fits in clothes. In this project, I work with the craft of pleat, which you can integrate into the clothes both as small details that provide greater freedom of movement or as a textile with a flexible function and/or as silhouettes that fit several body shapes and sizes.

One of the biggest contributions that the project has made is the insight into what Digital Craftsmanship and Digital Materials are. With an expectation that it was easy to translate and digitize parts of the pleating process with the purpose of creating a better flow in the design process through 3D technology, the purpose was to test the pleats' use on avatars made from 3D bodyscan. It turned out to be complicated, both because the programs used are not designed to draw pleats and that the digital pleats became too data heavy to work with on the avatar.

Skærmbillede 2023-03-23 095307_edited.png
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